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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Hop?

    Hop is India’s first cross border neo-banking platform. The Hop-One Global Account comes with “Operate & Spend” and “Send” capabilities globally, instantly and economically.

  • Why does my position show under the waitlist?

    In order to provide the best in class onboarding experience with Hop, we have secured your spot and provided you with a waitlist number. The token number assigned is indicative of the number of people ahead of you on the waitlist. We are overwhelmed with the strong interest that we have received from users and want to onboard you as soon as possible. Stay Tuned!

  • What are the next steps once I clear the waitlist?

    After clearing the waitlist, you would be able to onboard yourself for the Hop-One Global Account in an extremely simple manner. You just need to fill in a few basic details and complete the KYC, all online, with the comfort of your home.

  • Who is eligible for Hop-One Global Account?

    Any Indian Citizen above the age of 18 years can have the Hop-One Global Account.

  • Why should I subscribe to Hop-One Global Account?

    Hop-One Global Account comes with the best in class experience for global digital banking. With the Hop account, you would be able to

    • Have multi-currency bank account
    • Have Hop-One Global Card
    • Earn up to 6% on your deposits
    • Load Hop card with any currency, anytime, anywhere
    • Omnichannel expenditure capabilities
    • Track and Manage your spendings in multiple currencies
    • Get currency exchange at 0% markup
    • Tap and Pay your bills
    • Earn rewards and cashback

    To learn more about the features and benefits associated with the Hop-One Global Account, you can visit:

  • What type of account is it?

    It is a savings bank account which makes you earn interest up to 6% on your deposits which is equivalent to what you would earn by investing in some liquid fund and that too without any risk!

  • Is my money safe with the Hop-One Global Account?

    Yes, your money is absolutely safe in the Hop-One Global Account as it is protected by the state of the art security features. Hop is RBI authorized cross border neo-banking platform. Further, as per the RBI guidelines, your deposits into the Hop account are insured up to Rs. 5,00,000 (Rupees Five Lakh) for both your principal and interest.

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