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Values @ hop

Health & Wellness


To restore trust within the financial system is essential for the success of the economy.

Health & Wellness

Make Mistakes and Learn

Cultivating an environment where people feel comfortable making mistakes and learning from them.

Health & Wellness


Using cognitive, emotional and compassionate empathy to develop customer journey and service them.

Health & Wellness

Environment Matters

Strive to be carbon neutral.

Health & Wellness

Data Driven Decisions

Evidence based, data driven decision and policy making.

Health & Wellness

Building meaningful relationships

Building meaningful relationships within and outside the organisation.

Health & Wellness

Long Termism

We strive to create a sustainable business in the long term by not focusing on short terms goals and hence preventing unethical behaviour.

Health & Wellness

Being radically open minded and transparent

Open and accessible flow of information within the organisation.

Health & Wellness

The art of thoughtful disagreement

Disagreeing must happen. Everyone should feel free to express their disagreements and debate in an efficient manner.